Why We're Here



The deadline for filing the petitions to put the CCMIP initiative on the ballot has passed with no petitions filed. Support Mercer Island Parks and Arts is thankful the voters of Mercer Island thoughtfully considered the issues and overwhelmingly declined to sign the petition including an unprecedented number of residents that rescinded their initial support of the petition. 

Everyone on Mercer Island loves our parks and wants to preserve them. The defeat of this petition clearly demonstrates that Islanders believe parks in different locations can add value to our community in different ways. Mercer Island voters sent a clear message that our parks should be for all and that arts and parks can successfully work together.

We thank our volunteers and supporters for their tireless efforts to help educate Islanders about this initiative. As SMIPA’s purpose was to oppose the petition, this political action committee will now disband. SMIPA supporters and volunteers are looking forward to focusing their efforts on supporting the creation of the Mercer Island Center for the Arts


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