Why We're Here



The POP supporters have filed a THIRD petition (that's right-- petition number 3) to try once again to restrict the use of Mercer Island parks and prohibit the Mercer Island Center for the Arts from being built.  Once again, we are asking our supporters to


Despite 2 unsuccessful attempts and minimal public support, POP supporters continue to try to prohibit the City Council from allowing MICA's location in Mercerdale.  Although it is difficult to understand why anyone would object to the replacement of the abandoned recycling center with a beautiful performing arts center, it is almost beyond comprehension why a tiny but vocal group persists in attempting to dictate to the rest of us their narrow minded vision of the types of activities that are appropriate in a park.

We have once again posted the many reasons the petition is a terrible idea on this website.  We encourage our supporters to request that their neighbors and friends (again) decline to sign the petition.  

Thank you for your support!! 

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