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We want to update you on an important election issue.  Tom Acker, Mercer Island City Council Candidate, has inaccurately asserted both on his website and in his campaign literature that he “secured several million dollars in commitments to help YTN/MICA acquire land for a new arts center.”  (Quotation from Tom Acker’s campaign website.)  According to MICA board members and staff, neither Mr. Acker nor any other person has ever committed money to MICA for this purpose, and neither Mr. Acker nor any other person has ever identified any available land that could be purchased for MICA.  In addition, any land that is or has been for sale in the town center would cost far more than a “few million dollars”; therefore, even if there had been such a commitment, it would have been utterly useless without many millions more and, of course, identification of the available land.  Mr. Acker’s assertions have not helped MICA or YTN in any way.  Indeed, these assertions have been very harmful to MICA and YTN and have become misleading political fodder for the MICA opponents who repeatedly claim that MICA could be built on non-existent private land with non-existent donations.  Mr. Acker was informed more than two years ago of the harmful effect of the statements.  Further, according to MICA representatives, MICA has requested that Mr. Acker remove this misleading information from his website.  We are posting this information to correct the record and provide accurate information to anyone who relied on Mr. Acker’s misleading statements in determining their vote.


Despite 3 unsuccessful petition attempts, the POP supporters continue to vigorously oppose the Mercer Island Center for the Arts at Mercerdale Park.  They are continuing to raise money and publish letters and articles in the Mercer Island Reporter and on NextDoor.  Their goals are alternatively to tear down the Recycling Center and to preserve the Recycling Center as a historic landmark.   In any event, their primary goal is to prevent the City from leasing the land under the Recycling Center to MICA.  It appears that they are attempting to sway the City Council elections so that the new members will oppose MICA and refuse to sign the lease, even though the City has already committed to follow through with the lease.

Support Mercer Island Parks and Arts has now re-registered as a PAC and will be holding candidate events and sending out candidate questionnaires so that Mercer Island voters can make an informed decision regarding which candidates support MICA and which ones do not.  Stay tuned for more information!

There is a great deal of misinformation regarding MICA.  We encourage anyone with questions to go to the City of Mercer Island webpage on MICA:  https://www.mercergov.org/Page.asp?NavID=3089 

MICA also has a terrific website that can answer most questions.  http://www.mercerislandarts.org/ 

If you have questions regarding SMIPA, please contact us at the email address below.

If you would like to help us in our goal to make sure MICA is built at Mercerdale where it will greatly enhance our community, please visit our DONATE page.   If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please sign up as a volunteer so we can contact you.  

Thank you for your support!! 

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